False Claims Act Representation

Government fraud cases present unique challenges to defendants and whistleblowers alike. Allegations of fraud involving government funds require careful investigation, knowledge of a complex body of caselaw, and proven skill at dealing with government counsel and agents. With fifteen years of experience on federal and state False Claims Act cases, Ben Vernia brings a unique breadth of experience to bear for clients involved in fraud cases, whether they are a target, a defendant, a witness, or a whistleblower.

A Career Addressing the False Claims Act

For eight years, Ben worked in the Fraud Section of the Department's Civil Division, personally directing dozens of fraud investigations in the areas of health care, defense procurement, foreign bribery, energy, and transportation. In eight years of additional experience in private practice, he has piloted numerous companies and individuals successfully through the intricate challenges of a government investigation.

Ben launched www.falseclaimscounsel.com in 2009 to provide timely and authoritative information and commentary on developments in the False Claims Act and related statutes. Since its launch, this legal blog has become the most-visited False Claims Act website, and provides a uniquely objective resource for lawyers and judges handling False Claims Act cases.

A Unique Practice

Ben is one of the few attorneys who represent both False Claims Act defendants and whistleblowers. Interacting with government attorneys and investigative agents in both roles provides him with an understanding of the government’s changing enforcement priorities and techniques that attorneys who limit their practices to defense or qui tam clients lack.

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