If you believe that you possess evidence of fraud or false statements in connection with a government program, The Vernia Law Firm will evaluate your case at no cost to you. This form provides a secure way to describe your case and to answer questions which are critical to an accurate assessment of your case’s potential.

Please carefully note the following:

  • The False Claims Act is subject to a strict statute of limitations and only the first whistleblower to file a qui tam suit may share in the reward it provides. If you have a claim, please submit the form without delay.
  • Your submission of the form for the Vernia Law Firm’s evaluation is a privileged communication and we will protect that privilege to the extent possible under law.
  • By submitting the form, you acknowledge and agree that it is for the purpose of evaluating your case, and that The Vernia Law Firm’s acceptance of your information does not constitute an agreement to represent you or handle your case.