Suspension, Debarment, and Exclusion

When your business depends on your ability to work with the Federal government, debarment or exclusion can be a death sentence. You need a firm that understands the process — and the stakes.

Take your best shot at staying in the game.

The Vernia Law Firm has helped clients facing suspension, debarment, and exclusion actions before a variety of federal agencies. We are experienced in presenting our clients' best case for remaining in good standing as a federal contractor or health care provider.

In most cases, an adverse ruling from an agency is not a foregone conclusion. We can assist you in trying to avoid sanctions altogether, in structuring compliance programs and individual and corporate integrity agreements to lessen the impact of sanctions, and in negotiating the best resolution possible.

Significant Suspension, Debarment, and Exclusion Cases

The Vernia Law Firm has represented companies and individuals in diverse suspension, debarment, and exclusion cases, including:

A construction company CEO who testified against a defendant in an extortion trial, in the successful defense of a suspension and proposed debarment by the Department of Transportation.
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the negotiation and implementation of Corporate Integrity Agreements.
Convincing an agency to drop the proposed debarment of a former employee of a federal contractor, accused of submitting falsified documents for payment.
An intelligence analyst, vindicated after being threatened with loss of her Top Secret security clearance.