Whistleblower Representation

Since the Civil War, whistleblowers have been leading the charge in the fight against government fraud. Let us show you the way.

Judgment Matters

For whistleblowers, the good judgment of his or her attorney is critical to a successful outcome. But judgment in the unique context of a False Claims Act case can only be obtained through long experience in handling a wide variety of False Claims Act cases.

For eight years, Ben Vernia investigated, intervened and litigated whistleblower cases for the U.S. Department of Justice. From 1994 to 2002, Ben was a Trial Attorney in the Fraud Section of the Civil Division, which handles every major qui tam case. As a Trial Attorney, he led investigations in dozens of qui tam suits. Most of these matters involved parallel criminal and civil proceedings; all were complex cases requiring the rapid assessment of both a difficult factual terrain and the key legal obligations imposed by regulations or government contracts.

The Vernia Law Firm has handled cutting-edge, bet-the-company investigations and settlements, representing both whistleblowers and defendants in False Claims Act cases. He brings to clients a first-hand knowledge of the federal investigative process, and experience on dozens of criminal, civil and parallel cases.

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Significant Whistleblower Cases

The Vernia Law Firm has represented whistleblowers in a variety of cases. Among those that can be publicly disclosed:

Two former Social Security Administration employees in the largest-ever disability fraud case. The whistleblowers' efforts resulted in four criminal convictions, including two Administrative Law Judges, and a disability attorney with the nation's largest practice.
An insurance company whistleblower in a groundbreaking Medicare Part D case against the country's largest long-term care pharmacy.
The owners of a government security services firm against its previous owners, for violating the False Claims Act by continuing to exercise control over the company after they had been debarred from government contracting after pleading guilty to fraud.

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Authoritative Resources for Government Fraud Matters

Each year, Ben Vernia and Andrew Murray edit the False Claims Act and Government Fraud Deskbook, a multi-volume compilation of the federal, state, and local antifraud laws commonly encountered by criminal and civil attorneys and judges.

The Deskbook is available for purchase through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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